Good Friday and Easter

Five years ago, my mother died the Tuesday before Easter. 

This weekend is the center of the Christian faith. A lot of people might consider that Christmas is the center, but it must be Easter. Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ, but Easter, the celebration of the resurrection, is the completion of His work. I had originally planned another post for this weekend, but I cannot ignore this holiday. 

I’ve been going through Lent, doing the best I can even with my meager attempt this year: read my daily bible every day. (I failed in this, as most people do with their Lent and New Year’s resolutions). Friday was Good Friday– the day of the crucifixtion. It’s hard to be celebratory of an execution. Without Easter, that is all it would be. Easter shows that Jesus was more than just man. 

It is easy to look out and see a world in need of redemption, in need of fixing. There are broken people in a broken world. One of the biggest problems people see: Death. Witnessing the dead body of someone you know, someone you love, in front of you, you can see something missing. The body of the person you know is there, but the person is gone. My explanation: the soul, what makes us us, is gone. 

I can remember this moment of difference vividly. I still try not to think about it too much. 

My mom’s body was buried on Good Friday. I returned to church on Easter. Easter is the celebration of the resurrection, witnessed by the followers of Jesus. This resurrection means that someday we will all be resurrected. I would recognize my mom if she were resurrected in front of me now.  If I would recognize my mom, I cannot imagine that these people, the friends and family of Jesus, imagined this experience. Even “Doubting Thomas,” the apostle who gets the most flack, recognized Jesus– crucified, buried, and resurrected. 

It is because of these witnesses that we, as Christians, can rejoice, “He is risen!” 

Thank you for reading! Happy Easter! Let me know your thoughts or recommendations in the comments below, or even just wish me a Happy Easter as well. (I’d appreciate hearing from you!)

This post was a short meditation, but my next post (on if we can be Christians without a church) has been selected by a poll on my Patreon page.  

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