About Penny Theologian

The Penny Theologian is a place for personal exploration of Christianity and sharing that journey with others. Currently, all the posts are by me (Blake), but I would like to get other Christians. At the core of this entire experience is that Jesus is Lord, God personified, and that we are saved by grace. There will not be posts which counter that basis, but there will likely be challenges to various other beliefs as they are worked through. The goal is not to have pastors who preach through posts, but real Christians, on the front line of life, putting their two-cents in. 

The three categories of writing are:

  • Topical (meaning by topic, as they become relevant)
  • By the Book (meaning the Bible)
  • Further Explorations (meaning other books and podcasts worth your time) 

Anything on this page is a personal opinion and does not reflect the views or beliefs of any school, company, or church any of the writers work for or are associated with.

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About Blake 

Blake is a Christian, husband, writer, educator, director, actor, world traveler, and lifelong learner.

He lives in the New Albany area with his wife and has taught for the past three years. Currently, Blake is taking a year in Spain while his wife pursues her Fulbright grant.  He graduated from Indiana University Southeast with a degree in Secondary Education, Language Arts and is also an active member of Sojourn Community Church.

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